We coined the term ultra-high piezoelectricity

We are digging at the atomic length-scale to enable you to covert energies

Can't think of what is of use... 

Here are some examples.

<Clean energy production>

Piezoelectricity is one of the least explored energy harvesting. However, it is a potential route to scavenge energy for implantable biomedical devices.

Ghosh, M., Ghosh, S., Attariani, H., Momeni, K., Seibt, M., & Mohan Rao, G. (2016). Atomic defects influenced mechanics of II–VI nanocrystals. Nano letters, 16(10), 5969-5974. 

<Fast computing>

Single-electron switches or transistors are future of computing.

Ghosh, M., Ghosh, S., Seibt, M., Rao, K. Y., Peretzki, P., & Rao, G. M. (2016). Ferroelectric origin in one-dimensional undoped ZnO towards high electromechanical response. CrystEngComm, 18(4), 622-630.

<Mechanical sensing>

From mechanoelectrical sensing of biological phenomena to pollution sensing and diagnostics.

Ghosh, M., & Rao, M. G. (2013). Growth mechanism of ZnO nanostructures for ultra-high piezoelectric d 33 coefficient. Materials Express, 3(4), 319-327.

<Precision instrumentation>

Electromechanical actuation with nanometric resolution is key for many fundamental scientific experiments and industrial technologies.

Ghosh, M., Ghosh, S., Seibt, M., Schaap, I. A., Schmidt, C. F., & Rao, G. M. (2016). Designing deoxidation inhibiting encapsulation of metal oxide nanostructures for fluidic and biological applications. Applied Surface Science, 390, 924-928.

<Precision optics>

Quantum wells are widely used for single-photon emission and single-photon detectors in quantum optoelectronics.  The modern bright displays  uses quantum-dot light emitting diodes aka QLED displays for pure basic colours.

Ghosh, S., Ghosh, M., Seibt, M., & Rao, G. M. (2016). Detection of quantum well induced single degenerate-transition-dipoles in ZnO nanorods. Nanoscale, 8(5), 2632-2638.


Vertically aligned defect engineered ZnO nanorods


Micrometer wide nanometric ZnO flakes grown on surface.