We coined the term Single-Molecule Nanofluidics

We are plumbing at sub-25 nanometre length-scale to enable you to get hold of slippery single molecules

Can't think of what is of use...

Here are some examples.

Real-time drug discovery 

Pre-clinical testing of drug-biomolecule interaction and chemical biology studies

Early diagnosis of diseases

Don't you want to know if you will be sick tomorrow and seek for treatment to avoid the sickness.

Safe drinking water, dairy & agro

Real-time detection of heavy metals, pesticides, trace elements, and radioactive material

Biomedical implants

Implantable mobile device for diagnostics and therapeutics at single-molecule level

Cosmetics development

Real-time nanoparticle-biomolecule interaction - nanotoxicity and phototoxicity of chemical degdation and pre-clinical testing 

Semiconductor device lifetime in real-time

Flexible and self-healing circuits for semiconductor and healthcare industries.

Paint and coating development

Real-time corrosion and oxidation mediated material degradation

Real-time structural biology

Dynamic single-molecule fluorescence to single-particle electron microscopy.

Real-time material science

From pollution sensing to fundamental growth of nanoparticles, atomic defects, and catalysis in liquid phase electron microscopy


Single-Molecule Nanofluidics is peer reviewed and open-source 

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Ghosh, S., Karedla, N., & Gregor, I. (2020). Single-molecule confinement with uniform electrodynamic nanofluidics. Lab on a Chip, 20(17), 3249-3257.

Ghosh, S. (2020) Feynman-Enderlein Path Integral for Single-Molecule Burst Size Distribution ofNanofluidic Motion. arXiv:2102.10915.