We coined the term ultra-high piezoelectricity

We are digging at the atomic length-scale to enable you to covert energies

Can't think of what is of use? Here are some examples:

<Clean energy production>

Piezoelectricity is one of the least explored energy harvesting. However, it is a potential route to scavenge energy for implantable biomedical devices.

<Fast computing>

Single-electron switches or transistors are future of computing.

<Mechanical sensing>

From mechanoelectrical sensing of biological phenomena to pollution sensing and diagnostics.

<Precision instrumentation>

Electromechanical actuation with nanometric resolution is key to many fundamental scientific experiments and industrial technologies.

<Precision optics>

Quantum wells are widely used for single-photon emission and single-photon detectors in quantum optoelectronics. The modern bright displays uses quantum-dot light emitting diodes aka QLED displays for pure basic colours.

Defect engineered quantum well is peer reviewed

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Vertically aligned defect engineered ZnO nanorods


Micrometer wide nanometric ZnO flakes grown on surface.